May 25, 2008

It’s a beautiful day today. I’m sitting in my room with the windows open and light all around, listening to the birds and feeling the sweet breeze off the water. I’ve been feeling increasingly trapped lately by my need of things (mostly unnecessary) and my dependancy on the insolating, capitalist system that perpetuates that need. I want to be with people and lately I’ve been working so hard and fast on being “responsible” that I’ve forgotten so much about love and grace. There are so many ways that I want to change. I am reading about the early Christians (little Christs) and their radical solutions to the suffering of their souls and of the world around them. The roots of these people is in another place. They are invested in a different economy.

“He called Abraham and commanded him to go out from the country where he was living. With this call [God] has roused us all, and now we have left the state. We have renounced all the things that the world offers.”

-Justin, 100-165 AD

As I am reading these words I hear an ice cream truck outside my window and in midi tones it plays “Oh When The Saints Go Marching In” through its loudspeakers, drowning out the birds.

What am I supposed to do?

This is hard, but the more I learn to live in a simple manner, the greater peace I feel and the more I have to share. Love is good. Friends, I am coming to you again, back to interdependance on a community, to a simple love and a better way.


Mad Skillz :D

May 21, 2008

You must see the work of my dear friend Nick Kole who is MAGICAL!


May 20, 2008

Here is the story. Link.

What do you do with this? What does Justice look like in this situation? How does the love of Christ redeem/sanctify/prevent this story? This is a very big thought and right now I feel very small.

Four men were fired for this incedent last week in my hometown of Philadlephia. It breaks my heart. Pray for our brothers and sisters in that city working for forgiveness and peace (shalom).


May 18, 2008

Something Beautiful

May 11, 2008

This idea sounds naive, but it changes the whole world.

“They told me to just suffer for fashion. I said, ‘OK'”

-Henrik Soderstrom on his recent Esquire Photoshoot


May 9, 2008

No accidents in a thousands of years old baby-dropping tradition… right.

Inspired To Be Clear

April 29, 2008


If I want to communicate rightly and meaningfully, I will need help.